Founder Black Tiger Kali

2022 Grandmaster of the Year (NC) and 2017 Weapons Expert of the Year (NC) FMAHOF 

2016 Remy Presas Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Inductee

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PG Promoted to Tuhon
Founded by Tuhon Harold Evans

Black Tiger Kali is a Filipino Martial Art based on Tuhon Harold’s extensive training in the following systems: Tuhon Ray Dionaldo’s FCS-Kali, the late GrandMaster Remy A. Presas’ Modern Arnis, Hoch Hochheim’s PAC/Force Necessary, elements of Tuhon Rick Ward’s Sunburst Natural Fist/Sil Lum Kung fu and Tuhon/Dr Gaudiosa Ruby’s Comjuka-Kali.

In the Filipino Martial Arts, you become the art as much as the art becomes you so it fits naturally as a stand alone system of self protection as well as for your weapons and empty hands cross training needs.

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